Facts You Should Know About Semen You Didn’t Know

Facts You Should Know About Semen You Didn’t Know

As you already know, semen is an organic or bodily fluid is a combination of seminal fluid and mature sperm that men ejaculate during intercourse or m

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As you already know, semen is an organic or bodily fluid is a combination of seminal fluid and mature sperm that men ejaculate during intercourse or masturbation.

Male semen, also referred to as cum, is very mysterious. It is so mysterious that scientists are still trying to uncover all its secrets.

Scientific research and effort have already uncovered many facts about semen, and they help us understand male fertility and reproductive health. This post features ten fun facts about semen you didn’t know before.

Discovery of sperm

Have you ever wondered who discovered sperm? Well, records say that Dutch microscope maker Antonie van Leeuwenhoek discovered sperm back in 1674.

Born and raised in Delft, the Netherlands, van Leeuwenhoek created the first single-lens microscope, which paved the way for a number of discoveries in molecular biology.

The story goes that Leeuwenhoek was home one day and got an idea to take a look at his semen under a microscope. He discovered a multitude of “tiny animals” swimming around and recorded his observation in a diary. In October 1676, the microbiologist shared his discovery with the Royal Society.

While the discovery of sperm is attributed to Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the notion of semen and sperm was present back in prehistoric times too.

For Aristotle, a woman provides the matter for the baby through her menstrual blood while the male semen gives that matter a form. Prehistoric philosophers also compared semen to a seed which is sowed in a fertile ground.

What is sperm?

Sperm is a male reproductive cell and it is a constituent of semen. The term derives from Greek word sperma meaning seed. The structure of a mature human sperm cell resembles that of a snake and features head, neck, middle piece, and tail.

sperm cell with x chromosomeThe head of a sperm cell has a spherical shape and contains a nucleus as well as acrosome or a protective layer over it. The nucleus is important because it carries genetic information and half number of chromosomes.

Neck gives rise to axial filament or the tail of the sperm while middle piece gives the cell energy to swim in the female genital tract. Of course, the tail has a purpose to swim in the female genital tract. Without a tail, sperm wouldn’t be able to move.

How is sperm released?

Now that we are mentioning all these amazing fun facts about semen, you are probably wondering how sperm is released in the first place. In order to understand the process, it is important to know male reproductive organs.

Below, you can see the basic rundown of the process where sperm is released:

  • Testes are the place where the production of sperm begins
  • Sperm migrates to the epididymis
  • The sperm is stored in the epididymis until they mature
  • Ejaculation process starts when the penis is filled with blood and becomes erect
  • Mature sperm starts traveling from the epididymis through vas deferens (a muscular tube)
  • Sperm arrives at the ampulla where it combines with secretions from the seminal vesicle
  • Seminal fluid travels through the ejaculatory duct and reaches the urethra, passing by prostate where semen is mixed with milky fluid
  • The far end of the urethra ejaculates semen

How is semen produced?

Every man wants to know how to produce more semen, but we rarely think about the process itself. How is semen produced, anyway? Seminal fluid is produced in various locations including testes, prostate, seminal vesicle, and bulbourethral glands.

The process of making semen starts with the production of sperm which is explained above. Your semen contains water primarily, proteins, fructose, vitamins, minerals, and other components.

The male reproductive system is constantly making sperm, from the moment you enter puberty until the day you die. Some estimates show that testes produce about 200-300 million sperm cells a day, which is about 1500-3000 sperm cells per second.

Why men ejaculate millions of sperm cells?

You are already aware that a man’s semen contains millions of sperm cells. If only one sperm cell is necessary to get pregnant, then why do we ejaculate that many? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

The answer is simple – the journey of the sperm cells from the moment a man ejaculates to fertilizing an egg is survival of the fittest.

Some sperms don’t swim straight to the egg but in circles, others swim in some other direction, and some sperm cells die during the journey. Weak cells are unable to survive. Only the fastest and the strongest sperm cell can accomplish its mission.

Deep voice – low sperm count

This is, probably, one of the most surprising fun facts about semen you’re going to read. It is a well-known fact that women perceive men with deep Vin Diesel-like voices sexy, more masculine, incredibly hot, you name it.

However, a study whose findings were published in the journal PLoS One discovered that gentlemen with deep voices have lower sperm count than their counterparts who don’t.

Size of sperm cell

Sperm cells have such an important function, but they are tinier than we assume. A typical sperm cell has a length of .002 inch (.05mm or 50 micrometers) from head to tail. Bear in mind that the smallest object we can see with the naked eye is .1mm. What does this mean?

It means that we can’t see sperm cells with the naked eye and the only way to observe them is to place them under a microscope. For comparison, the female egg is 30x larger than a sperm cell.

Taste depends on what you eat

coffee and cigaretteOur diet has a major impact on every aspect of our lives, and it comes as no surprise why it affects the taste of a man’s semen as well.

Red meat and greasy diet give a sharp-tasting semen. On the other hand, coffee and cigarettes make semen bitter while fruits and vegetables produce a mild or somewhat sweet taste.

Now that you know how to make your semen taste better, you also want to know how to produce more semen and it’s simple – have a well-balanced diet, exercise, and stay hydrated.

How long can sperm survive in a vagina?

So you want to conceive a child and wonder how long your sperm can survive in your wife’s vagina. Or maybe you’ve had unprotected sex (not a good idea!) and wondering the same question.

Typically, sperm can survive 24-48 hours in a woman’s vagina, but if her acidic balance is propitious, then sperm can live up to five days before it perishes.

 Obesity and sperm count

Although this isn’t one of the most shocking fun facts about semen, it is important to mention it. Being overweight or obese affects every aspect of your health and although we’d like to think that info is incorrect, the reality is different.

A growing body of evidence confirms that excess weight leads to slower sperm and lower count. At the same time, sperm is also less able to do its job.

One study found that overweight men were 11% more likely to have low sperm count and 39% more likely to have no sperm in their ejaculate. For obese men, the figures for low sperm count and no sperm in ejaculate were 42% and 81% respectively.


Male semen is as mysterious as dark matter. Although very mysterious, some important facts about semen and sperm have been discovered by scientists. This post featured ten important and incredibly fun facts you should know.

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