Excess Seminal Fluid

Excess Seminal Fluid

During ejaculation, a whitish fluid is being released from your penis. This is normal, especially during sex or masturbation. But there are instances

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During ejaculation, a whitish fluid is being released from your penis. This is normal, especially during sex or masturbation.

But there are instances when this occurs even without sexual stimulation. Some people might experience excess seminal fluid, a condition known as hyperspermia.

What is Hyperspermia?

This is a condition wherein a man produces excess seminal fluid, which means more than the normal volume of semen. Semen contains sperm as well as other fluids produced by the prostate gland.

Symptoms of Hyperspermia

The main symptom of hyperspermia is the production of excess seminal fluid. This means that you are producing more volume of semen during ejaculation.

A study has shown that excess seminal fluid means that you are producing more than .21 ounces of semen. Other studies provide that excess seminal fluid means that you are producing around .2 to .22 ounces and higher of semen.

If you have hyperspermia, you may find it hard to make your partner get pregnant. And if in case she does, there is a risk that she may experience a miscarriage.

Sometimes, hyperspermia increases your sex drive. This is not really a major concern, especially that your libido may indicate your entire well-being. The presence of sex drive or lack of it can be a sign of your physical and mental functioning.

If you have hyperspermia, you will most likely experience pain during ejaculation. It is also common to experience aches and pains in your genitals.

The sperm that you discharge may also change in color, such as yellowish or off-white.

Furthermore, it is accompanied by dizziness, fatigue, as well as tiredness.

Over time, you will be having trouble with your erections, such as its duration. Sometimes, you will find it hard to get an erection. From the time you discharge a sperm, you will realize that it is abnormally high.

How Hyperspermia Affects Fertility

Although it is not true all the time, hyperspermia does affect your fertility. This is because even if you produce a high volume of semen, it usually contains less sperm. That is why you will observe that your fluid is more diluted.

As mentioned earlier, semen is composed of sperm. That only means that it is not a guarantee that if you are producing too much semen, you will have more sperm. And sperm is essential for fertilization.

If you have low sperm count, you will be less likely to get your partner pregnant.

But don’t worry, there is still a possibility that you can, although it may take a longer period than normal. On the other hand, if you still have a normal sperm count despite having hyperspermia, this condition should not impact your fertility.

Causes of Hyperspermia

Here are some causes why you are experiencing excess seminal fluid:

Drug use

One of the symptoms of hyperspermia is diluted semen. The use of certain drugs or medications can have the effect of reducing your sperm count. And if the semen you produce is diluted, it is an indication that you have less sperm count.

Sexual intercourse intervals

Yes, sex is also needed by your body. That is why if it takes a long time for you to have sexual intercourse, your body will most likely build up semen, and from the moment you ejaculate, you will notice an excess seminal fluid.

Sexual accelerators

If you are taking pills or using objects that can increase your sexual performance or desire, it may have the effect of increasing your semen levels. High levels of semen in your body will be manifested by the excess seminal fluid from the time you ejaculate.


Some experts say that if you have an infection in the prostate, it will cause inflammation. Eventually, this inflammation will lead to hyperspermia.

To minimize the excess seminal fluid you produce, you need to cure the underlying cause of the same. If it is due to infection, then your doctor may prescribe you to take a certain medication.


drinking water from bottleYes, you need to keep your body hydrated. The best way for you to maintain your hydration is to drink plenty of water.

Every organ, tissue, and cell needs water for them to function properly. But the sad thing is that if you are highly hydrated, you will be more at risk of hyperspermia.


Eating healthy is good for your diet. In fact, most healthy diets contain foods rich in fiber, proteins, and nutrients.

However, it was shown that the consumption of these foods is linked to an increased volume of seminal fluid.

Steroids consumptions

If you want to reduce your risk of having an excess seminal fluid, you need to avoid the consumption of steroids.

Several studies show that the use of steroids, if abused, can lead to infertility. And as we learned earlier, hyperspermia can cause infertility.


Hyperspermia is not common. Men usually experience hypospermia, a condition that involves less seminal fluid, than hyperspermia. This condition affects only less than 4 percent of men throughout the world.

Although hyperspermia may not be detrimental to your health, it is said to reduce your fertility. But not all people with hyperspermia may be affected by infertility. There are those who still have normal sperm count despite the said condition.

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