Does Working Out Improve Your Sex Drive?

Does Working Out Improve Your Sex Drive?

Working out not only makes you healthier, but it also does wonders for your sex life. When you exercise, you gain so many benefits, including improve

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Working out not only makes you healthier, but it also does wonders for your sex life. When you exercise, you gain so many benefits, including improved muscular strength, reduced stress levels, and increased cardiovascular fitness.

Not only that, but exercising regularly is also known to benefit your testosterone levels. And that means you’ll see improvements in your libido and erectile function. Continue reading to find out how working out can make you a better lover.

Ups Your T Levels

When it comes to your sex drive, having sufficient testosterone levels is crucial. Testosterone fuels your drive for sex, and when your T levels are low, you’re going to have problems with reduced libido and poor erectile function.

Research indicates that lifting weights can help increase your T levels. Even low-intensity physical activities can already lead to a significant increase in your testosterone levels.

This doesn’t mean that you should overdo it, though. According to a 2017 study conducted by researchers from the University of North Carolina, low to moderate training intensity is associated with high libido, whereas high-intensity training can cause your libido to decrease.

Furthermore, the researchers noted that short to mid-range training duration is best for your sex drive. Greater duration of endurance training, on the one hand, is associated with low libido.

Improves Your Erectile Function

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Regular exercise is also known to benefit your ability to achieve penile tumescence. In men with erectile function, regular physical activities of moderate intensity and duration have been shown to significantly improve erectile function.

In particular, aerobic exercises are extremely helpful for men with arteriogenic erectile dysfunction. This is a type of erectile dysfunction that’s caused by problems in the arteries such as atherosclerosis.

Research shows that continuous and interval aerobic training are helpful in managing both erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases, which often go together. This isn’t surprising considering that a healthy heart and well-functioning blood vessels are essential for normal erectile function.

In contrast, endothelial dysfunction in your arteries can lead to stiff and inflexible arteries, which means they don’t easily relax and dilate. And when your penile arteries don’t dilate, it can result in poor blood flow to your genital region, which can then lead to erectile dysfunction.

Boosts Your Sexual Stamina

Sex, being a physical activity, requires a lot of physical effort, unless you prefer to just lie on your back and let your partner do all the work all the time. You may find that enjoyable, but that would certainly lessen your partner’s sexual satisfaction.

Running out of steam while you’re having sex can definitely kill the mood. And it will most likely make your partner feel frustrated and dissatisfied with your poor sexual performance.

When you regularly work out, you increase your strength, as well as your stamina. And that can help you go the distance during sex. Increasing your stamina enables you to go engage in prolonged sexual activities, and that’s bound to result in improved sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner.

Increases Your Flexibility

Exploring various sex positions can be a great source of pleasure for you and your partner. But that would require a certain level of flexibility on your part, and working out regularly can help you achieve the kind of flexibility you need.

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Yoga and Pilates are great exercises for men who wish to improve their flexibility. Not only do these workout routines help improve your range of motion and flexibility, but they’re also great for controlling your breathing. Breathing exercises can also help you control your ejaculation, not to mention the fact that they’re great for reducing stress and relieving anxiety.

Natural Ways to Improve Your Sex Drive

Although exercise is really helpful in improving libido, not everyone can hit the gym regularly. If you’re one of those who just can’t find the time to work out three or more times every week, you don’t have to worry because there are many other ways to boost your sex drive naturally.

Even just getting enough good quality sleep can greatly help your testosterone production. In fact, the peak production of testosterone typically happens when you’re deeply asleep. If you can’t make the time to hit the gym, at least make the time to get enough hours of good quality sleep.

Of course, changing your dietary pattern will also benefit your testosterone production, as well as your sex drive and erectile function. For instance, a diet that’s rich in fatty and sugary foods can cause your testosterone levels to tank, and your libido will surely follow suit.

On the one hand, a diet that’s packed with vegetables, fruits, and lean meat can greatly improve your testosterone levels. In addition, a healthful diet can help improve your sperm production, enhance your erectile function, as well as increase your libido.

You can also try certain herbal supplements that are known to really improve libido. For instance, you can take Tongkat Ali or Tribulus terrestris supplements. These herbs are extremely popular for their pro-sexual and pro-erectile effects, and they’re also known to dramatically increase testosterone levels.

Because Tongkat Ali helps stimulate testicular production of testosterone, it also has strong aphrodisiac effects and is really good for improving your sex drive. Moreover, Tongkat Ali is also known to help treat erectile dysfunction. Not only that, because Tongkat Ali is an energy booster, it can also increase your sexual stamina.

Tribulus terrestris is also famous as an aphrodisiac and erection enhancer. It’s great for increasing testosterone levels naturally, and it can also improve your fertility by increasing your sperm count and improving your sperm motility.

Both Tongkat Ali and Tribulus terrestris are actually packed with antioxidants, which is why these two amazing herbs are able to provide a variety of health benefits, including protection from cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

The Bottom Line

If you want to see dramatic improvements in your sex drive, you should try to exercise more often. But if that’s not possible, you can also try other natural ways to boost your libido such as taking herbal 66supplements like Tongkat Ali and Tribulus terrestris.

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