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Does Working Out Help You Sexually?

by Glenn
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There are many health benefits to working out. It enhances your cardiovascular and immune functions, boosts your memory and concentration, helps in fat burning and weight management, and strengthens your bones and muscles. In addition to that, it can improve your sex life too, and help you and your partner have a lot more fun and enjoyment in the bedroom.

Below are the different ways working out positively affects you sexually:

1. It boosts your self-esteem

Working out can give you a fit and trim body that you can be proud of. It can prevent feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness that commonly haunt people who are dealing with weight problems.

If you are overweight or obese, you sometimes cannot help but second guess yourself or stop yourself from getting out of your comfort zone. But, if you work out and lose weight, your life will be better and happier.

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Once you get down to your ideal weight, every time you shop for clothes, you no longer have to go to the plus-size section to find something that fits you, or have to settle for a style that you do not like just because it is the only thing that is large enough on the rack for you. During sex, you no longer have to be hesitant about taking your clothes off because you think your gut and flabs are gross, or have to limit yourself to certain sexual positions just because you do not want your partner to see your stretch marks.

With a boost in self-esteem, you will feel sexier and become more attractive to other people, and your sex life will improve too.

2. It enhances the blood circulation in your body

Your cardiovascular health plays an important role in your sexual functions. If you have a healthy heart, pumping blood for the different parts of your body should be easy and hassle-free. However, if your heart is weak or your blood vessels are narrow or blocked, you will not be able to get enough blood flowing to your penis, resulting to difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. If this happens, you and your partner will only have disappointing times in the bedroom that may put a serious strain on your relationship.

To keep your heart healthy, you should do cardio exercises everyday. There are different types of routines that offer varying levels of intensity, and you can select the ones that are suited for your physical fitness level.

Usually, for beginners, brisk walking, running, and swimming are recommended. Jumping rope, stair climbing, and cycling are excellent options that should be able to enhance your cardiovascular functions as well.

3. It helps you perform at your best in the bedroom

Several studies have found that men who regularly exercise showed significantly higher grades on frequency of sexual activities, number of satisfying orgasms, and efficiency of sexual functions during intimate moments. They also noted that men who are in good physical shape were able to get and keep their erections firmer and longer, and pleasure their partners without any issues.

By having a regular workout or exercise routine, you can increase your heart rate, improve your breathing technique, and strengthen your muscles, giving you higher levels of libido and allowing you to perform much better in bed.

4. It promotes flexibility and stamina

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There are certain workout regimens that can help make you more flexible. For instance, if you do yoga regularly, you can work different muscle sets in your body that you probably did not know exist. With improved flexibility, you can be more adventurous with your sex partner, and try different positions for greater satisfaction and pleasure.

Working out can also make you stronger and boost your stamina. Say goodbye to the days when you run out of breath even after only a few minutes of action, or feel aches and pains from sex you had several days ago. With regular exercise, you can build stronger bones and muscles, and raise your stamina level for longer-lasting sexual moments.

5. It lowers your stress levels

There are many things that can cause stress in life. For many people, it is their work or school, and, for some, it is their finances or relationships. Whatever the cause of your stress is, it is crucial that you find ways to prevent it so as not to hurt your sexual health.

According to health experts, subjecting your body to too much stress can lead to debilitating effects that can reduce the quality of your sex life. Over time, this can progress to decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, and low testosterone levels, and can seriously ruin you not only sexually but also mentally, emotionally, and physically.

To fix that, you should be more physically active. Every time you exercise, your body releases feel-good hormones that can reverse the effects of stress, so try to do it as often as possible, even for just 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Important things to remember

Even though working out has a lot of good things to offer for your sexual health, it can also be dangerous if done too much. If you work out for three or more hours on a day-to-day basis, you are not allowing your body to repair and recover. Any soreness, pains, aches, and tears that you have will take longer to go away and heal. You will also become more likely to suffer from injuries. Because of these, instead of improving your health, you will only make everything worse.

Before starting a workout routine, it is best to talk to your doctor or a fitness expert. You may be suffering from certain health issues that may call for extra care and attention when you exercise, or you may not be fit enough to try even some of the simplest beginner exercises. Do not force yourself to do routines that are way beyond your fitness level, and listen to the advice of health professionals.

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