Does Losing Weight Increase Size?

Does Losing Weight Increase Size?

Losing weight doesn't really increase the girth of your penis, but it does make your penis seem longer. If you've got a considerable amount of belly

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Losing weight doesn’t really increase the girth of your penis, but it does make your penis seem longer. If you’ve got a considerable amount of belly fat, your penis can become buried underneath all those folds of fat, making your phallus look a lot shorter than it really is.

When you lose weight, the hidden part of your shaft that became buried underneath your belly fat is then revealed. Although weight loss only makes your penis seem bigger, it does have a lot of benefits for both your sexual function and reproductive health. Find out how losing weight can make you a better lover and improve your sex life.

Increased Testosterone Levels

Whether you’re obese or simply overweight, it can cause your testosterone levels to tank. That’s especially true for those who carry an oversized pot belly. Fat cells in your midsection cause increased aromatase activities.

This means more of your circulating testosterone becomes converted into estrogen, thereby causing your free testosterone levels to decrease. In addition, moderate obesity can significantly affect your sex hormone-binding globulin due to increased insulin resistance, resulting in lower total testosterone levels.

Severe obesity, on the one hand, suppresses your hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular (HPT) axis, resulting in reduced free testosterone levels accompanied by abnormalities in your luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone levels. In fact, men who are obese have a significantly higher risk of developing hypogonadism than overweight men.

The problem is that low testosterone levels also perpetuate obesity. That’s because low testosterone causes you to lose muscle mass while increasing your fat mass. In short, it’s a self-perpetuating cycle that can be extremely hard to break.

However, if you do manage to lose weight even just moderately, that can already help raise your testosterone levels. And when your testosterone levels increase, it can increase weight loss. This is why testosterone therapy is extremely beneficial for obese men with low testosterone levels.

Increased Sex Drive

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When you lose weight, it can make you more comfortable about your own body. Plus, it can also improve your confidence and sense of well-being. The positive psychological effects of weight loss can further improve your mood.

All these can cause a significant increase in your libido, making you more interested in sex and more motivated to engage in sex. Of course, the increase in your testosterone levels also contributes to the improvement in your sex drive.

Improved Erectile Function

It’s a well-known fact that obesity greatly contributes to erectile dysfunction. Part of it is due to the testosterone-reducing effects of obesity. Increased inflammatory markers and oxidative stress levels caused by obesity also negatively affect your erectile function, as well as your reproductive potential.

Several studies have validated that weight loss generally results in improved erectile function scores. In one study involving more than a hundred obese Italian men, the researchers revealed that among the men who made lifestyle changes and lost weight by as much as 15 kg or 33 pounds, more than 30% of them had their erectile function restored.

Ways to Increase Your Penis Size

Several options are available for penis size enlargement, and each one of them has pros and cons. For instance, you can use a vacuum pump which is a device that is sometimes used to treat erectile dysfunction.

What it does is that it helps draw blood into your penis, thus making it erect. You will then need to wear a ring on your penis, which prevents the blood from flowing out of your penis. Although you may see your erect penis growing a little bigger when you use a vacuum pump, the effect only lasts for as long as you wear the ring.

Unfortunately, if you do wear it for more than half an hour, it may damage your penile tissues. This can further complicate your problem if the tissue damage results in erectile dysfunction.

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Traction devices or penile extenders supposedly add length to your penis by stretching your penile tissues. You basically wear the device on your flaccid penis several hours a day, and this is supposed to give you an extra one to three centimeters. However, there’s limited evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of such products.

Penile enlargement surgeries, on the one hand, are popular even though they can be quite costly. In addition, such surgical procedures are not without risks and side effects. If the procedure doesn’t go smoothly, it can cause your penis to swell.

In some cases, scarring can happen as a result of the surgery. Scar tissue inside your penis can make your phallus bent or curved. In severe cases, the scarring can even lead to loss of erectile function.

There are two general types of penile enlargement surgeries, although the procedure may vary depending on your doctor. The first type involves the release of your suspensory ligament which is what anchors your phallus to your pubic bone.

Releasing the ligament that suspends your penis can result in a 1-3 cm increase in your flaccid penile length. However, you may have difficulties during penetrative sex because the suspensory ligament that supports your erection will no longer be there.

The more popular type of penile enlargement surgery involves augmentation of your penis length, girth, or both. This is typically done by injecting fat cells into your penis or by grafting fat cells taken from somewhere else in your body onto your penis. This can add around 2 centimeters to your penis length or girth.

However, a lot of doctors are strict about following the guidelines on penile enlargement surgeries, and they will only perform such a procedure if you have a micropenis. That means in order to qualify for the procedure, your stretched penis length has to 7.5 centimeters at most.

Alternatively, you can also try taking supplements like L-arginine. What it does is that it helps increase your production of nitric oxide, which helps you to achieve an erection. In addition, L-arginine also helps to increase penile artery dilation which then results in increased blood flow to your sex organ.

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