Does Flax Seed Raise Testosterone?

Does Flax Seed Raise Testosterone?

In today’s article, we decided to discuss the issue of flaxseeds and their ability to either increase or reduce the levels of testosterone in the bod

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In today’s article, we decided to discuss the issue of flaxseeds and their ability to either increase or reduce the levels of testosterone in the body. If you research flaxseeds and testosterone online, you will find many different opinions and sayings on the topic.

Today we decided to, once and for all, debunk one major myth. But what would that be? Should you or should you not use flaxseeds to improve your testosterone levels? Read on and find out more about this potential myth in the following article that we have prepared just for you!

What do you need to know about low testosterone levels?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for keeping your libido and sexual stamina high and rising, making it possible to achieve long-lasting, strong erections that bring extreme satisfaction for you and your partner, and allow you to build strong, lean muscles fast, among the other beneficial effects that it provides.

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Unfortunately, due to the normal aging process, every man faces low testosterone levels and all of the issues linked to it including reduced libido, sexual stamina, hair loss, depression, fatigue, low semen quality, erection and ejaculation problems, and many others. Most of these issues are hard to be handled and, in most cases, cause additional complications regarding both the physical and mental health of the individual. In addition, low testosterone levels can seriously damage your relationship with your partner. In conclusion – low testosterone levels are not something that one would like to have in their life.

Luckily, there are many tips and tricks that one can use to increase his testosterone levels naturally. These would include regular physical activity, elimination of unhealthy habits, getting enough sleep, using quality male enhancement supplements made of natural ingredients with aphrodisiac properties such as Male UltraCore and many other tips that you can find online or ask your doctor about.

Should you avoid flaxseeds in order to boost your testosterone levels?

If you are interested in boosting your testosterone levels naturally, there is a long list of foods that you should avoid in order to achieve your goal. This list might include your favorite foods and drinks, but that is the way that it is. After all, your favorite foods might be more harmful than you think, and not just towards your testosterone levels. This list includes soy, soft drinks including energy drinks, fast food, vegetable oil, licorice and flaxseed among others.

Yes, there has been a lot of talk on whether or not men are supposed to include flaxseeds in their diet on a regular level or not, thinking of the problem of low testosterone levels. There has been a lot of talks as well, suggesting that flaxseeds can actually help you increase your testosterone levels naturally. Well, we decided to debunk that myth once and for all and help the men from all around the world who might have been kidding themselves believing in these sayings.

To answer your question – Yes, you should absolutely reduce your flaxseeds intake if you want to boost your testosterone levels. And here is why! Despite the fact that we cannot deny the high nutritional value of flaxseeds since they are known to contain high doses of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, plus they are a great source of protein, thiamine, copper, magnesium and phosphorous among the other nutrients that it contains, there is a downside of the use of flaxseeds regarding the male testosterone levels.

For starters, since we mentioned flaxseeds being packed with omega-3 fatty acids, we should mention the ability of the omega-3 fatty acids to reduce the levels of free testosterone in the body. This has been scientifically proven in a study published five years ago. In addition, flaxseeds contain high levels of lignans, which is a compound guilty for binding to the free testosterone in the body and causing it to be excreted, thus reducing its levels within the male body.

But that is not all. Lignans are actually a type of phytoestrogens along with the isoflavones. Phytoestrogens are compounds that mimic the activity of estrogen – one of the female reproductive hormones in the body, and with that, the flaxseeds cause an increase in estrogen levels and cause the body to focus on estrogen production instead of testosterone production. Soy is another ingredient that contains high amounts of phytoestrogens within itself which is why it is recommended to limit your soy intake if you want to preserve your testosterone levels as high as possible.


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In conclusion, we would like to remind all of our readers who are perhaps struggling with low testosterone levels to focus on avoiding flaxseeds, and the other food and drink choices that we have mentioned today if they are interested in preventing low testosterone levels. Well, not only testosterone levels for that matter – but also all of the other complications and health issues that come with the low testosterone levels in the first place.

Forget about following this myth anymore and remove any trace of flaxseeds from your diet so that you would have some peace not having to worry about any further decline in your testosterone levels. Add a regular physical activity, good sleep, elimination of stress to that equation and watch yourself as you become a beast in the bedroom as your libido and sexual stamina are as high as they can get.

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