Does Fenugreek Raise Testosterone Levels?

Does Fenugreek Raise Testosterone Levels?

Trigonella foenum-graecum, more popularly known as fenugreek, is a leguminous plant that's extensively used to make vegetable dishes more appetizing.

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Trigonella foenum-graecum, more popularly known as fenugreek, is a leguminous plant that’s extensively used to make vegetable dishes more appetizing. In truth, fenugreek is incredibly healthful, thanks to its fiber-rich seeds that are full of antioxidants.

Fenugreek seeds exhibit numerous beneficial properties, including anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and because it helps increase testosterone levels, it’s also used as an aphrodisiac. Find out why you should take fenugreek-containing supplements for your sexual health.

Fenugreek is Nutrient-Dense

Fenugreek isn’t just all fiber. It’s also rich in lecithin and phosphates. Plus, you can get a considerable amount of various vitamins when you take fenugreek supplements. Vitamins A, D, and several B vitamins are all contained in fenugreek.

In addition, fenugreek also gives you iron, choline, inositol, trigonelline, diosgenin, yamogenin, and vicenin. These nutrients exhibit antioxidant effects, which is why fenugreek is useful in fighting various inflammatory diseases like hypercholesterolemia. On top of its anti-diabetic effects, fenugreek seeds can also help prevent hyperthyroidism.

Fenugreek Has Diverse Benefits

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Extremely popular as a weight loss supplement, fenugreek actually helps promote the utilization of fatty acids as a source of energy. This means that when you take fenugreek supplements, your body will be able to burn fat faster, allowing you to shed unwanted fatty weight.

Fenugreek is also popular as an herbal supplement for people with diabetes. Studies indicate that fenugreek helps improve plasma insulin levels, as well as raise plasma leptin and adinopectin levels.

Many of the scientific studies on the health benefits of fenugreek have focused on the effects of the herb on body composition, hormonal profiles, muscle endurance, strength, and power output. These studies have shown that fenugreek is helpful in improving overall body composition, reducing body fat, as well as increasing both lower and upper body strength.

Fenugreek and Your Testosterone Levels

Decades ago, fenugreek was only recognized only for its culinary benefits. It was only in recent years that the value of fenugreek in elevating testosterone levels was discovered and recognized.

As scientists further studied the apparent anabolic effects of fenugreek, they found that the herb does not actually increase endogenous production of testosterone. This means that fenugreek does not affect any of the processes and biochemical compounds involved in synthesizing testosterone.

Instead, what the scientists found is that fenugreek protects your levels of already existing and circulating testosterone. The herb does this by blocking the enzymes that break down your primary male hormone for its conversion to other hormones such as estrogen.

In short, researchers were able to determine that fenugreek exhibits inhibitory effects on both aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase, which are the enzymes that take your free testosterone and breaks it down.

When scientists found that the beneficial effects of testosterone centered on the free and circulating forms of the hormone, they then tested whether fenugreek does help raise levels of free testosterone.

In 2017, a study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences revealed how beneficial fenugreek is for men. Fifty volunteers participated in the study, and their ages ranged from 35 to 65 years old. The men took fenugreek supplements for a total of twelve weeks.

At the end of three months, the researchers noted that the men showed great improvements in their mental alertness and mood. Plus, their cardiovascular health and even their sex drive were also considerably improved.

In addition, of the fifty male volunteers, more than 85% actually showed significant increases in their sperm count, while almost 15% of them experienced improved sperm morphology.

More importantly, more than 90% of the volunteers showed increases in their free testosterone levels, and some even showed improvements of almost 50% in their free testosterone levels.

Improving Your Sexual Health

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If your primary purpose of taking fenugreek supplements is to increase your testosterone levels, you should try taking it with other known testosterone boosters such as Tongkat Ali, zinc, and Ashwagandha.

For best results, try Male UltraCore, the leading male sex enhancement supplement that incredibly elevates both your free and total testosterone levels. That’s because Male UltraCore is packed with natural ingredients that effectively increase testosterone production and limit free testosterone conversion to estrogen.

You’ll find fenugreek, Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, and zinc in Male UltraCore. These ingredients help ensure that your testosterone levels improve which, in turn, will result in significant improvements in your libido.

And because Male UltraCore also contains zinc and magnesium aspartate (ZMA), you’ll have more than enough of these important nutrients which are needed in both the synthesis of testosterone from cholesterol and in the production of sperm.

When it comes to improving your sperm parameters, ZMA isn’t the only ingredient that makes Male UltraCore incredibly effective. Tongkat Ali and Ashwagandha are also known to help enhance male fertility, and both are used to help men with unexplained or idiopathic infertility.

In addition, Male UltraCore also contains Tribulus terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, and L-arginine, which are helpful in boosting your erectile function. In truth, with all these amazing ingredients, Male UltraCore is able to significantly improve both the quality and frequency of your erections.

Horny Goat Weed, for one, is known to prevent PDE5 enzymes from breaking down cGMP in your penile tissues. This is similar to how other PDE5 inhibitors like sildenafil work. Hence, by enabling you to have high levels of cGMP, Horny Goat Weed makes it possible for your penile smooth muscles to relax and for blood to flow into your erectile tissues.

If you’re worried about your penile blood flow, that’s where L-arginine comes in. It’s not just an amino acid that you take for increasing your muscle growth, but it also helps in improving blood vessel dilation, thereby allowing for increased penile blood flow.

You won’t have to worry about your sexual stamina either when you take Male UltraCore. Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, and maca all make sure that you gain the energy and endurance you need to fully enjoy your significantly enhanced sexual function.

What this means is that Male UltraCore is able to give you a boost in all aspects of your sexual performance. You’ll have the monstrously rigid erection you want, plus the sexual stamina to match it. And you won’t have to worry about not having enough semen when you ejaculate because Male UltraCore also helps increase your semen volume and sperm count.

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