Do Testosterone Boosters Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Do Testosterone Boosters Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

My husband confided to me about his erectile dysfunction. Although I have been noticing it during our sexual intercourse, I didn’t want to mention hi

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My husband confided to me about his erectile dysfunction. Although I have been noticing it during our sexual intercourse, I didn’t want to mention his ED because talking about it is not easy. It’s not about the trust issue, it’s just that I don’t want him to feel unmanly or emasculated. I’m glad he opened up three months ago.

When he told me about his issue, I felt delighted. From that on, we became more open to each other. We searched online for various ways to treat erectile dysfunction. We got plenty of answers, but one thing we realized was to improve the testosterone levels as a primary answer.

From then on, my husband used a testosterone booster. He called it Male Ultracore. In less than three months, I saw an improvement. We had better sex than we used to. I can tell that the booster is packed full of essential nutrients, substances, and vitamins.

Let me share to you a more detailed explanation.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters contain substances professed to increase the testosterone levels of men. Men commonly use these with low libido, and erectile dysfunction; male bodybuilder also uses the same.

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Some of the common testosterone booster ingredients are Fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestris, Ecdysterone, and they can be found in some famous supplements like Male Ultracore.

If you aim at improving your sexual performance, you may find testosterone boosters as the best way to do it. You may also have heard of some options such as powders, steroids, or tablets.

Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction

Many men can find out if they have an ED by merely doing a physical examination themselves. But, if you have a chronic health issue, your doctor may suspect that underlying conditions can be involved. In this case, you may need a specialist.

The test for finding your underlying conditions may involve:

•    Physical examination

It includes a detailed analysis of your testicles and penis and of course, checking your nerve sensations.

•    Ultrasound

This is performed by a specialist, involving the use of a wand-like device or a transducer to be held over blood vessels supplying the penis. Through this, a video image will be created by which the doctor can see if a blood flow problem exists.

•    Urine test

This is the urinalysis test. Similar to a blood test, the urinary test looks for signs of the underlying conditions of health such as diabetes.

•    Blood test

The blood sample will be sent to a laboratory to check for any sign of diseases such as low testosterone levels, heart disease, and other health problems.

•    Psychological examination

Since erectile dysfunction is also associated with psychological causes, the doctor may ask you some questions to conduct a screening process for depression or stress and other psychological conditions that can cause ED.

Testosterone Boosters and ED

The question of whether testosterone boosters help with erectile dysfunction or not can be answered by first knowing what testosterone does to your body.

Testosterone is known as a hormone that is produced in the testicles and plays a vital role in sexual development. It is responsible for giving you an excellent sexual function. However, it’s a misconception to say that the male virility is entirely dependent on the testosterone because the ability to enjoy sexual intercourse is tied up with several factors, and testosterone boosters may help in the majority of the aspects.

In a study of Am J Med (2006) on whether the testosterone has a role in ED, it was found that the normal levels of testosterone are essential for normal erection while having a high level of serum testosterone may not have a significant impact on erectile dysfunction. This is to say that it is necessary to have a healthy level of testosterone to function well in your intercourse and to treat erectile dysfunction.

Since erectile dysfunction is associated with a low level of testosterone, it is essential to increase it. This is where testosterone boosters help with erectile dysfunction.

Aside from helping erectile dysfunction to normalize, other benefits of taking testosterone boosters include the following:

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•    Increase sex drive

•    Production of sperm

•    Production of red blood cells

•    Increasing muscle mass

•    Proper distribution of fat

•    Helps in the appropriate bone density

Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction

Based on some studies, many erectile dysfunction cases on men are caused or worsened by poor lifestyle choices. For this reason, below are some steps to take on for a better lifestyle without ED:

•    Quit smoking

If you are a known smoker, please stop. Instead, try other nicotine replacements like gums and lozenges, or consult your doctor to ask any prescriptions.

•    Lose pounds

If you are overweight, lose that excess weight because erectile dysfunction can be caused or worsened by this.

•    Stop the addiction

Some men are addicted to alcohol or even use drugs. Drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs causes long-term problems on your health and worsens ED.

•    Daily exercise

Have a regular exercise because a lack of physical activity plays a role in erectile dysfunction.

•    Work your relationship issues

If you have a problem with your wife, consider improving your communication and work through your concerns or problems together. You may think of marriage counseling.

•    Healthy diet

Having a healthy diet gives you numerous benefits. When you eat well, you lose weight, and you keep your body fit. Avoid any unhealthy food which can narrow your arteries and eventually help worsen ED.

•    Have your relaxation technique

You can do meditation or yoga to relax and sleep well at night.

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