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Do Eggs Increase Sperm Count?

by Glenn Fitzpatrick
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Eggs are a cheap but excellent source of nutrients. When you regularly eat eggs, not only does it make you healthier, but it can also help increase your sperm count and improve your sperm health.

That’s because eggs are high in vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant that protects your spermatozoa and testicular cells from various types of free radical damage. Aside from elevating your sperm count and enhancing your fertility, eggs also offer a lot of positive effects on your health. Here’s why eating eggs is great for you.

Eggs are Extremely Nutritious

Just think of it this way. All the nutrients that are needed to make a baby chicken are contained in just one egg. And if you consume that egg, you’ll get tons of vitamins A, D, K, E, and various B vitamins. Plus, you also get phosphorus and more than 20% of the RDA for selenium, a nutrient that’s important for male fertility.

Not only that, but a single hard-boiled egg can also give you a lot of calcium and zinc. And you do need zinc for producing both testosterone and sperm. Of the many nutrients found in eggs, zinc, folate, and vitamins A and E are the ones that greatly contribute to your sperm health.

Eggs Raise Your Good Cholesterol Levels

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If you want to avoid cardiovascular diseases, you should aim for a high level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Eating just two eggs every day can help you improve your cholesterol profile, which will then lower your risks of stroke, heart diseases, and other medical conditions related to high bad cholesterol levels.

Eggs Contain Choline

When you’re worried about your fertility, you should try eating more eggs. Eggs give you a considerable amount of choline, a nutrient that a lot of people normally don’t get enough of.

Choline is necessary for improving your fertility because this important nutrient is actually essential for the regulation of the cell membrane structure of your sperm. Choline is also important for sperm motility, and it’s also needed for the fertilizing capacity of your sperm cells.

In short, when you’re low on choline, your sperm may develop abnormalities in their structure, become poorly motile, and may not be able to fertilize an egg cell. In fact, low choline levels are common in men with idiopathic infertility. That’s a sad thing because you can actually get around 100 mg of choline just by eating a single egg.

Natural Ways to Increase Your Sperm Count

If you want to know what else is good for increasing your sperm count aside from eggs, there are actually several herbs that not only help boost your fertility but also enhance your sexual performance. Foremost of these is Tongkat Ali, a Southeast Asian native herb that’s full of antioxidants and offers various sexual and reproductive health benefits.

For instance, not only does Tongkat Ali increase your sperm production, but it also improves your sperm motility and increases your semen volume. Not only that, Tongkat Ali is also known to effectively increase testosterone production, mainly due to its stimulating effects on the Leydig cells in your testicles.

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Because it is so potent in facilitating the increased production of testosterone, Tongkat Ali is also able to increase your libido and improve your ability to achieve and maintain erections. Not only that, but Tongkat Ali is also a great stress-reducer and energy booster, which means it’s helpful in raising your sexual stamina.

Due to the various positive effects of Tongkat Ali on male sexual health and fertility, men with idiopathic fertility are often advised to take Tongkat Ali supplements to increase their reproductive potential. Part of it is due to the fact that Tongkat Ali is rich in antioxidant compounds like eurycomanone.

tribulus terrestris

Aside from Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris is another herb that’s also great for naturally improving your fertility. Not only does Tribulus terrestris promote sperm production, but it’s also known to greatly improve sperm motility, thanks to its high antioxidant content.

In addition, because Tribulus terrestris contains steroidal saponins, it’s also good for boosting your testosterone levels. And when your testosterone levels are high, your libido follows suit and your fertility is improved as well.

Testosterone is actually important for your developing sperm because the Sertoli cells that nourish your sperm need testosterone. This means that when you’re low on testosterone, your growing spermatozoa won’t have enough nourishment so they’ll stop maturing, resulting in low sperm count and impaired fertility.

Aside from being good for your fertility, Tribulus terrestris also provides excellent benefits for your sexual function. This incredible herb is actually used to treat erectile dysfunction, as well as low libido.

Scientists have determined that Tribulus terrestris also improves nitric oxide production in the penis, which is good for your erection because nitric oxide is needed for penile smooth muscle relaxation as well as penile artery dilation.

Aside from Tongkat Ali and Tribulus terrestris, Horny Goat Weed is another pro-sexual and pro-fertility herb that can also help raise your sperm count. Horny Goat Weed is best known for its PDE5 inhibitory effects, which make it extremely effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

In truth, however, studies also indicate that Horny Goat Weed promotes sperm production, as well as increases sperm count and improves sperm health. Not only that, the antioxidant icariin that Horny Goat Weed contains in high concentrations has other amazing benefits like protection from cancer, fatigue, and arthritis.

The Bottom Line

Increasing your sperm count is as easy as improving your diet and taking herb-based dietary supplements that are known to promote male fertility. What’s great about Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris, and Horny Goat Weed is that they also improve your sexual function, as well as provide various antioxidant benefits.

In truth, there are many other ways to increase your sperm count. Consuming more fruits and vegetables while avoiding junk and processed foods can help, as well as taking supplements that contain Ashwagandha and maca. Regular physical activities are also excellent for enhancing your fertility and improving your overall health.

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