Do Beta-Blockers Make You Tired?

Do Beta-Blockers Make You Tired?

Beta-blockers are medications for treating various heart-related health conditions such as chest pain, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure

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Beta-blockers are medications for treating various heart-related health conditions such as chest pain, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, and heart rhythm problems. But taking beta-blockers have possible side effects, such as tiredness, dizziness, or lightheadedness.

How Beta-blockers Can Cause Tiredness

Beta-blockers are known to slow down your heartbeat. This is because these drugs cause your heart to pump slower. This also makes your entire central nervous system to slow down. Diuretics also get rid of helpful electrolytes from your body, which cause tiredness.

If you take beta-blockers, you may feel tired more often. You may also find it harder to exercise compared to before. For instance, you experience shortness of breath when you climb the stairs or take a walk. That is why if you are taking beta-blockers, you should not overdo your exercises.

Sometimes, tiredness can also make you feel sleepy or dizzy. Some people who take beta-blockers are not recommended to drive their cars or operate machines. These activities should not be carried out, especially if you are still unaware of the effects of these drugs on you.

Here are the other side effects of beta-blockers that are related to tiredness:


tired sleepy man

You may be fatigued physically or mentally. You will find it hard to carry out your daily tasks, such as household chores, work, and caring for others. A fatigued person may experience a lack of motivation, sore muscles, daytime drowsiness, difficulty in focusing, gastrointestinal problems, headache, moodiness, slowed response time, and vision problems.


Weakness refers to muscle strength loss. You will most likely experience weakness if you have trouble doing your daily activities such as loss of balance, writing, or grooming. Some of you may think that tiredness and weakness are just the same, but they are not. People suffering from various medical conditions such as heart disease can make you feel tired or cause the loss of muscle strength.

What is Tiredness?

Tiredness is a feeling of fatigue or lack of energy. This is not similar to sleepiness or drowsiness. If you are tired, you typically don’t have the energy or motivation to do something. Although being sleepy causes tiredness, both of these are not the same.

One of the causes of tiredness is your health condition. This may be a normal side effect if you have taken beta-blockers, but you need to see your doctor if you experience other symptoms such as depression, lack of sleep, unexplained weight loss, and higher body temperature.

Why Do I Need to Take Beta-Blockers Even if These Make Me Tired?

Indeed, many patients who are taking beta-blockers do not like taking these drugs because of their side effects, such as tiredness. But then, these drugs are very crucial if you have a serious heart problem as these can help reduce your mortality.

Beta-blockers are a lifesaver in the sense that these can be taken even if your heart functions only about 40 percent. If you just experienced a heart attack, these drugs can reduce your further risk to the same. That is the reason why even if beta-blockers can make you feel tired, these can be tolerated to make your life longer.

What to Do if I Feel Tired After Taking Beta-Blockers?

Not all people who take beta-blockers experience any side effects. But if you feel weak and tired after taking these drugs, you need to remember two things- keep taking beta-blockers and seek help from your doctor.

Your doctor can determine why you are experiencing this symptom, such as if this is the side effect of your medication, or probably this is due to your heart-related problem. Sometimes, you experience tiredness due to unrelated conditions like sleep apnea. Your doctor will most likely change the dose of your medication or even the medication itself, especially if the symptom does not go away over time. 

How to Prevent Tiredness While Taking Beta-blockers

It may be inevitable for you to feel tired after taking beta-blockers, but there are ways on how you can prevent this. Here are some ways on how you can prevent tiredness:

Get exercise

Indeed, you may find it hard to get up if you have taken beta-blockers. But you should encourage yourself to get exercise by starting slowly. Before you start engaging yourself in a certain exercise program, you need to check with your doctor.

Improve your diet

Sometimes, your diet and your medication might aggravate tiredness. If you cannot change your medication, then you have to change your diet into a healthy one. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Avoid foods and drinks containing caffeine and alcohol

brewed coffee and beans

If you are taking beta-blockers, you are not advised to eat and drink foods containing caffeine and alcohol. These can have adverse effects on your health. These can also reverse the effects of beta-blockers.

Get a good sleep

Some people who are taking beta-blockers experience sleep problems although they feel tired the whole day. Aside from medications, there are also other causes of why you lack sleep. To avoid this, you need to develop a good sleep routine.


Beta-blockers can make you feel tired, as one of the common side effects of these drugs. But if you experience other symptoms such as depression, lack of sleep, unexplained weight loss, and higher body temperature, you need to seek immediate medical attention. It may be normal for you to feel tired after taking these drugs, but you can prevent this by simply getting an exercise, improving your diet, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and getting good sleep.

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