Do Beta-Blockers Help You Sleep Better?

Do Beta-Blockers Help You Sleep Better?

Do you know that around 20 million people in the US have been taking beta-blockers as medication for various conditions such as anxiety, cardiovascu

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Do you know that around 20 million people in the US have been taking beta-blockers as medication for various conditions such as anxiety, cardiovascular issues, and hypertension? And these people also reported trouble sleeping as one of the side effects of the medication.

How Beta-blockers Can Help You Get a Good Sleep

Take beta-blockers together with melatonin

Beta-blockers can cause trouble sleeping. If you feel the discomfort of this side effect, then you may ask your doctor to allow you to shift to an alternative medication such as calcium channel blockers. These drugs are said to be more effective and safer than beta-blockers.

You may also consider taking a dose of melatonin. Studies show that people who take beta-blockers and melatonin at the same time have a better sleep. Better sleep in the sense that they have restful nights and longer sleep. Well, in fact, they get an extra 36 minutes of sleep at night.

Beta-blockers for anxiety treatment help you get better sleep

If you are paralyzed by fear, exhausted to a sleepless night, overwhelmed by panic, you need to find relief. One of the reasons why you don’t get better sleep at night might be because of anxiety. The good thing is that beta-blockers are used not only to treat high blood pressure, but also anxiety.

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Beta-blockers are prescribed off-label for anxiety, but these drugs are said to be effective in reducing anxiety. This is because these drugs are responsible for blocking a stress hormone called norepinephrine included in the fight-or-flight response of your body. These drugs can manage the symptoms of anxiety, such as a trembling voice, dizziness, sweating, shaky hands, and rapid heart rate.

Indeed, one of the most common side effects of beta-blockers is sleepiness. That is the reason why even if some people find it hard to sleep at night due to these drugs, but reducing anxiety is much more important in order to get some good sleep. Anxiety is one of the major causes of sleep problems. If you are already relieved from this disorder, then you can get better sleep. That is the reason why beta-blockers can help you sleep better.

Beta-blockers can make you experience weakness and fatigue

Indeed, one of the reasons why you feel weak and fatigue is because of a lack of sleep. But if you are taking beta-blockers, it is just normal for you to feel these because these are just a few side effects of the drugs. If you are weak, you tend to lose muscle strength. If you are fatigue, you lack energy.

Although these symptoms are said to cause insomnia, it cannot be denied, but some people who are weak and fatigue get good sleep. For instance, if your body is overused the whole day, you will probably fall asleep easily. Tiredness can also make you sleep for longer hours. Of course, some people cannot sleep even if they are already tired. But then, the side effects vary depending on the individual.

How Beta-blockers Cause Trouble Sleeping

One of the reasons why beta-blockers cause trouble sleeping is the suppression of the production of melatonin during night-time. Melatonin is a very crucial hormone responsible for regulating your sleep and wake cycles. Not only that, but this hormone also helps in protecting you against neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, and other age-related diseases. People with low melatonin levels are most likely to have trouble sleeping.

Studies show that beta-blockers can reduce the production of melatonin. That is the reason why people who take beta-blockers are also prescribed to take exogenous melatonin as a supplement to reduce the effects of these drugs. Melatonin supplementation is found to improve the sleep of beta-blocker users.

What to do to Get a Better Sleep

Better sleep is as important as a healthy diet and regular exercise. Poor sleep can have detrimental effects on your body, perhaps, your entire well-being. It can increase your risk of various diseases, even heart-related problems. That is the reason why if you don’t want to reverse the supposed to be benefits of beta-blockers, you need to be aware of these drugs are affecting your sleep.

If you suspect that beta-blockers are causing you drowsiness during the day or disturbing your sleep at night, you have to talk to your health care provider. Your doctor may allow you to switch to another medication without the said side effect, reduce the dosage of your medication, or recommend a different treatment so you will not have trouble sleeping.

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You should also make lifestyle changes such as exercising regularly, losing weight, eating nutritious foods, reducing consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and sodium, lowering stress, and quitting smoking. You should not make your own decision regarding your medication. You should first point out this problem with your doctor.

Even if you have trouble sleeping when taking these drugs, you need to continue your medication until there is an alternative treatment that is available for you. Otherwise, you will experience dangerous effects such as ADD, uncontrolled asthma, anxiety, or depression. Your doctor can help you determine the benefits and risks of your medication.


People taking beta-blockers are said to experience insomnia. This is probably explained by the suppression of the production of melatonin during night-time due to the medication. But then, beta-blockers can also aid in making you sleep better because a few of their side effects are sleepiness, weakness, tiredness, and fatigue. These symptoms can make you sleep easily and longer. These drugs can even treat anxiety, one of the factors of not getting good sleep.

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