Do Bananas Lower Your Testosterone Level?

Do Bananas Lower Your Testosterone Level?

Let’s start clarifying that testosterone is the most important hormone produced by the male body, although it’s not exclusive to men, women also gene

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Let’s start clarifying that testosterone is the most important hormone produced by the male body, although it’s not exclusive to men, women also generate it but with lower levels. Testosterone is responsible of regulating sex drive, sperm production and red blood cells. It also modulates bone and muscle mass, strength and fat distribution, hence the relevance of it.

Having low testosterone levels may affect the development of young kids, and, in adults, it may lead to impotence or lower levels of sexual desire, changes in the mood (depression and/or anxiety), low energy, reduction of muscle mass, obesity, energy loss and anemia. It’s also fair to point out that the levels of this hormone normally decrease with aging because the body lowers its own production. It usually drops from 1% to 3% per year after age 40.

Curiously, lower levels of testosterone have been commonly linked to the consumption of bananas, but this fruit has more benefits for the human body than harmful effects.

Hey, “bro”!

Bananas, the delicious, sweet and long yellow fruit, contain potassium, among other important vitamins, mineral and enzymes, like bromelain, which has been demonstrated to maintain testosterone concentrations, according to an investigation run by the University of Tasmania (Australia) and University of Waikato (New Zealand) in 2016.

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But how does “bro” help to maintain testosterone levels? Well, the “T” (another known term for testosterone) is an anabolic hormone, which means that its metabolic reaction is to consume energy. If your body runs low in energy, your “T levels” will drop and what the bromelain does is, among other benefits, reduce the swelling and relaxing muscles, helping you save energy. This is why body-builders and people in the fitness industry consume a lot of bromelain.

This enzyme, which can also be found in pineapples, has also been proved to boosts the immune system and maintain regular blood flow.

But when it comes to bananas, it’s not just about “bro”, it’s about “K” too.

An electriK mineral

Potassium (chemical symbol: “K) is one of the three electrolyte minerals found in our bodies, meaning that it transports a small amount of electrical charge within the red-blood cells, helping men and women to develop a normal functioning.

Potassium also helps in the normal growth of the muscles because it assists in the generation of muscle contractions by generating nerve impulses, which is important to keep a healthy heart and normal development, hence the importance to have balanced levels of potassium, despite your gender.

Bananas are the equivalent of oil when it comes to food. It’s one of the fruits that has the most benefits and which “boosting” can be felt (or seen) almost immediately. You can get one before exercising to get energy and one after to recover it. One hour after ingest it and the boost will be there. It’s like the holy grail for fitness people or people who have long routines, like athletes.

They also help prevent anemia because they contain iron, which means that it will assist in maintaining the number of healthy red blood cells (also known as hemoglobin).

Carbs, “T” and bananas

Carbohydrates are one of the three nutrients (sugar, starches and fiber) that can be found in food, and they’re the utmost important source of energy for any living human being.

There are many types of “carbs” and identifying them depends on their chemical structure. The ones that come from fruits are known as “simple” carbohydrates and bananas are a good source of them.

This fruit is rich in glycogen, a polysaccharide of glucose that can be defined as a “energy store”. This natural type of sugar that is found in our blood is used by our bodies as fuel. Getting bananas will help you with endurance if you practice any sport, or if you’re low on energy need a bit incentive to perform a task.

Having good levels of glycogen means that your T levels won’t be much reduced if you perform any activity.

Bananas also have fiber, a carb that is known to help improve your health by lowering the risks of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and digestive issues. But, beyond that, this fruit will help you feel sated because it’s a prebiotic: a nondigestible food that also highly benefits the digestive system.

B6 for good

vitamins and minerals in banana

The vitamin B6 is essential so the enzymes (like bromelain) can do their proper job. Having a shortage of this vitamin can lead to anemia, depression and weakness of the immune system, among other symptoms.

The issue with B6 is that it’s water-soluble and our bodies discard it almost daily. But don’t worry, it can be found in food the food that’s ingested daily. Bananas, specially, contain 33% of this important vitamin.

Vitamin B6 is important for a normal brain development and it also helps to maintain the nervous and immunity system healthy.

Improve it naturally!

One of the most efficient and natural ways to boost your testosterone levels is to exercise. Walking and weight lifting are good options, just remember to don’t overdo or you may burn too many energies in relation to the energy that you consume and it may result in lower levels of testosterone.

If you choose to exercise, remember to eat a banana one hour before you start your routine since it will help you boost your energy, and one after to help in your recovery. You can always raise your testosterone using male enhancement supplements and male ultracore is a great supplement to use.

So, it’s safe to say: go bananas!

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