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Do Bananas Boost Testosterone?

by Glenn Fitzpatrick
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Bananas belong to widely consumed fruits all over the world. It is grown in more than 100 countries. In fact, it ranked fourth to the food crops in the world with a monetary value. It’s not surprising that bananas are good for the body. Besides, bananas are known to boost testosterone.

As men age, they begin to experience a low production of testosterone that leads to various problems such as reduced sexual drive, mood problem, memory issue, and even difficulty of staying fit. The good thing is that different food can spur up the production of testosterone deficiency.

Facts About Banana

Let me first give some facts about bananas.

  • Bananas have a high level of potassium and also fiber.
  • Banana fruit prevents asthma, high blood pressure, and cancer.
  • One of the most popular fruits in the American diet is banana.
  • Banana is classified as a berry.
  • Banana fruit is known as a mood enhancer because of amino acid, Vitamin B6, and Tryptophan. It helps the body to produce serotonin.
  • The fruit is excellent for a pre-workout snack because of the potassium that aid in the maintenance of nerve and muscle function.
  • The inner part of the banana peel relieves itching and also inflammation.
  • Bananas lower blood pressure.
  • Bananas protect the heart health because of the high potassium and the low content of salt.
  • A banana grows on a plant considered as an herb.
  • Bananas float on water because it’s less dense.

Overview of Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testicles. The body produces testosterone.  Having a healthy level of testosterone is vital to sexual function. It is also helpful to have strong bones and muscle mass.

As men grow old, testosterone levels decline. It can be due to age, obesity, stress, and also environmental factors. Men start to experience a change in their sleeping habits and body composition, most probably, a decrease in libido and a problem with erectile dysfunction. As a problem like this strike, men feel a decrease of masculinity. They aim to fix the problem quickly through a different way such as testosterone replacement therapy or taking a testosterone booster or supplement.

Bananas are Good for Masculinity

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I notice that my daily habit of eating bananas improves my masculinity together with how I improve my testosterone levels. Since bananas contain a plethora of vitamins such as Magnesium, Manganese, and Vitamin B6, I can optimally perform during our sexual intercourse.

With bananas, I am loaded with the following vitamins:


Bananas benefit the human body in terms of blood circulation and cardiovascular functions because of the high level of potassium from this. For people with high blood pressure, it lowers it and lowers the possibility of heart disease.

Vitamin C

This water-soluble vitamin serves as an antioxidant. With bananas, you can get 12 mg of Vitamin C.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin from the water-soluble family involves the optimization of testosterone. It plays a role in creating testosterone, our favorite hormone. Not only that, vitamin B6 is vital in producing red blood cells or hemoglobin.


Copper is necessary for the production of Iron. It helps fight anemia and boosts the healing effect on the wounds. Besides that, it can also be utilized to fight osteoporosis. It’s good this is found in bananas.


This mineral from banana helps in the formation of the connective tissues. Based on research, it helps improve the quality of sperm and also fertility in men.


Bananas are anti-cramp aid, this mineral aid in maintaining the muscle and relaxing the nerve to assist in a wide array of enzymes. Magnesium is necessary for creating protein, fats, and carbs in our body. So, if you have insufficient testosterone levels, this helps.


The fiber helps in the digestive tract. Because of bananas, bowel movements are smooth and pleasant.

You can have all the juices with bananas, and it is a natural optimization of testosterone. Bananas are amazing, and they do not only taste good, they are full of nutrition. Thus, eat a banana for a healthy level of testosterone.

Banana Boost Testosterone

I am 35 and seven years married, in short, I am a husband who wants to provide the best sexual relationship with my wife. Maybe because of my age and my lifestyle, I notice that my sex drive started to decline. I’m sure my wife sees it, and I don’t want her to continue noticing it because I feel like my masculinity has dropped.

banana and supplement pills

I started taking testosterone booster, and I felt a quick improvement. I was taking the supplement while eating bananas a lot. You see, the banana does not only look like an erect penis but also helps achieves the same. The erotic bananas are full-packed with vitamins which based on studies help produce and release testosterone. Taking it together with pineapple, a fruit which is rich in bromelain enzyme raises the libido.

Proper diet seems to be a natural way to enhance the production of testosterone, a sex hormone. It is the reason why since I found out a decline in my sexual stamina, I always include bananas in my daily diet. Of course, it’s also important to include physical exercise and avoid excess sugar and alcohol.

Moreover, I notice a significant change in my mood, energy, and overall sexual health. I also become more active than I used to. Right now, I am enjoying my life, most especially my night with my wife. I know that I will enjoy for many years to come.

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