Can Vegetables Change Sexual Stamina?

Can Vegetables Change Sexual Stamina?

There have been many talks and stories of how eating raw onions supposedly improved male libido and sexual performance altogether. A lot of men have

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There have been many talks and stories of how eating raw onions supposedly improved male libido and sexual performance altogether. A lot of men have been interested to know whether or not this was some kind of a myth, or it is in fact, true. That is what brought you here to us, we believe.

So, for the purposes of answering your questions, we have compiled this following article and you can see for yourself whether or not you should increase your consummation of raw onions. But first, let’s investigate the most common causes of low testosterone levels.

What can cause your sexual stamina to decline?

There are a lot of factors that can cause your sexual stamina to decline. In fact, these very same factors can easily cause a decline in your overall sexual performance, sexual desire, fertility, and even your erections.

Unfortunately, the list of factors that have been linked to a decline in sexual stamina has been only growing throughout the years. On that list, factors such as the aging process, prostate cancer, depression, poor lifestyle quality, and many others can be found. Of all, it is the low testosterone levels that have been most commonly being linked with low sexual stamina, among other effects that low testosterone levels have regarding the quality of male sex life.

The health benefits of raw onion

Onions are well-known vegetables, with their characteristic pungent smell, great taste, and multiple health benefits of which most of us are not even aware of. Onions are known to contain high amounts of various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, adding to their nutritional value.

raw white onions in a basket

Throughout the years, there have been multiple scientific studies investigating the health benefits of onions. The results have shown that onions are capable of preventing cancer, due to their high antioxidant levels, especially when it comes to prostate, colon, and stomach cancer. They are also suggested to have an important role in maintaining your hair and skin quality at a top level and reducing and preventing the symptoms of depression.

Onions also have the ability to maintain the blood sugar levels among healthy ranges, reducing the risk of diabetes but also, the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. Lower risk of obesity and healthy cholesterol levels is yet another health benefit of eating raw onions since they contain high levels of sulfides which are needed to reduce the blood lipids levels and reduce the high blood pressure. But onions have been also suggested to have quite the beneficial effects regarding male and female sex life.

The link between raw onions and your sexual stamina

There are multiple ways that you can use to improve your sex life, including your sexual stamina, but we urge you to focus on the natural methods that are here to serve you. Apart from regular physical activity, using a testosterone booster such as Male UltraCore, relaxation methods, and good night sleep, eating raw onions has been shown to have quite the beneficial effects on your sex life and most importantly, your sexual stamina.

You might not be aware of this, but onions are considered to be among the most popular aphrodisiac foods out there. Eating raw onions can help you boost your libido, sexual stamina, strengthen your reproductive organs, and give your testosterone production the boost that it requires! The way that onions function in order to improve your sexual performance is by improving your testosterone production, but also influencing the factors which we mentioned earlier is linked to low testosterone levels.

vegetable erection, carrot and onion

Eating raw onions has been scientifically proven to cause a boost in testosterone production, due to its high nutritional value. By reducing the risk of factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, depression, and cancer, which we mentioned to contribute to the occurrence of low testosterone levels, and with that to a decline in sexual stamina, you will benefit greatly from eating raw onions.

In addition, the antioxidants that are present within the onions will help reduce the oxidative stress and free radicals which are also known to harm your testosterone production and sexual stamina. Onions are also filled with Vitamin C, which strengthens and boosts your immune system to keep you healthy, energized, and prepared for what is to come in the bedroom.

We would recommend eating fresh, raw onions that you will purchase from the farmer’s market in the best scenario. There have been many stories of men taking a bite of an onion as if it was an apple, but due to its pungent smell, we recommend you to add it to your salads and meals. There is also the option to drink onion juice, mixed with a bit of fresh ginger, for those who do not like to add onions to their meals.


In conclusion, onions, not only do they give a great taste to your salads and meals, but they are also highly beneficial regarding our health. There are numerous health benefits that one can gain from its simply consummation of fresh onions. And to eliminate any doubts – yes, it is, in fact, true that eating raw onions will help you keep your testosterone levels high and rising and your sexual stamina growing to the roof! Go ahead, buy yourself some fresh onions and add them to your salad to help boost your testosterone production. You will be amazed at the results!

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