Can Testosterone Increase Size?

Can Testosterone Increase Size?

If we're talking about muscle mass, then testosterone does help increase size. After all, testosterone is significantly involved in muscle mass grow

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If we’re talking about muscle mass, then testosterone does help increase size. After all, testosterone is significantly involved in muscle mass growth and development, which is why millions of men who want to become bulkier often take testosterone supplements.

On the other hand, if we’re talking about penis size, there are also certain instances when testosterone can help increase penile growth. That is if you’re a newborn infant with a micropenis. Here’s what you should know about testosterone and penis size.


A lot of men actually feel that their penis is too small. However, if you’re an adult and your stretched penis length measures more than four inches, that doesn’t actually meet the clinical definition of micropenis. Sad to say, your penis is just plain small.

In order to be considered a micropenis or a microphallus, your stretched penis length needs to be 3.66 inches at most. For a newborn boy, it has to be just a hair shorter than an inch. And for a young boy of 11 years, it has to be 1.46 inches at most. These are the measurements used by doctors to diagnose a micropenis.

In many cases, a micropenis is caused by fetal exposure to hormonal problems like testosterone deficiency. A pregnant mother’s exposure to toxic chemicals and pesticides can result in her baby boy being born with a microphallus and other birth abnormalities.

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Micropenis may also be due to the mother not producing sufficient amounts of hCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin during her pregnancy, or if the male fetus isn’t producing enough testosterone.

Doctors often recommend testosterone treatments for young boys with micropenis. For infants with micropenis, testosterone cream may be topically applied to the penis. Intramuscular testosterone injections may also be administered to stimulate the penis to grow. However, these types of treatments are usually best administered prior to puberty.

Penis Growth

For baby boys, the first three months are crucial when it comes to sexual development. That’s when male infants experience a testosterone surge, and they need that much testosterone in order for their reproductive systems to grow and develop. If there’s a hormonal imbalance during the first three months, the baby could end up having a small penis.

From birth until 11 years, a young boy’s stretched penis length will grow from around an inch and a half to 2.5 inches. Then when he reaches puberty, that’s when most of the penis growth will happen. For some, their penis will grow until their early 20s.

Testosterone Does Help During Erection

Although testosterone does not directly cause your penis to grow longer or wider in girth, you do need this hormone for your erection. Testosterone is actually very important in modulating almost every aspect of your erectile function.

Your pelvic ganglions, your penile smooth muscles, as well as the endothelial cells of your corpora cavernosa are all affected by the actions of testosterone. Moreover, your primary male hormone is also important for balancing your cyclic guanosine monophosphate or cGMP levels.

During sexual stimulation, testosterone plays the extremely crucial role of coordinating your sexual desire and your erectile function. What it does is that it synchronizes your sexual desire and your erectile process so that you get a hard-on when you’re sexually stimulated, thus making you ready for sex.

In short, testosterone is crucial for both initiating and ending the erectile process. It plays an active role in nitric oxide synthase, in the formation of cGMP, as well as in the degradation of cGMP by PDE5 or phosphodiesterase-5.

If Testosterone Doesn’t Increase Size, What Does?

If you’ve been thinking about penoplasty or penile augmentation, you may want to try natural ways to increase penile length and girth first before you go under the knife. Aside from being expensive, penoplasty is also associated with various complications.

For instance, you may suffer from bleeding and infection. Even worse, scarring may occur, which can then result in erection problems. But if you employ natural means to increase your penis size, you can avoid all those troublesome complications.

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What you need is a supplement that can help improve the flow of blood to your genital area during sexual stimulation and arousal. For this, L-arginine is the best natural supplement. If you’re hesitant about taking dietary supplements, you can also obtain L-arginine from dietary sources such as pumpkin seeds, turkey meat, peanuts, and chicken.

When you eat these foods or when you take an L-arginine supplement, your body then converts L-arginine into NO or nitric oxide. This is extremely important for your erection because nitric oxide is the neurotransmitter that stimulates the production of cGMP in your penis.

So as your nitric oxide levels increase, your production of cGMP also increases. The higher your penile cGMP levels are, the more your penile smooth muscles relax. Sufficient relaxation of the corpora cavernosa smooth muscles results in the dilation of the arteries in your penis, which eventually results in the inflow of blood to the corpora cavernosa.

In short, L-arginine makes your penile arteries stretch wide open so that a higher concentration of blood can then flow into the chambers housing your erectile tissues. Through long-term use of L-arginine, your penile arteries are able to dilate more and deliver more blood to your erectile tissues.

Thus, when you take L-arginine, it can make your penis more engorged with blood. As your erectile tissues become filled with blood, it can make your erection bigger. In truth, L-arginine is one of the best, and perhaps the safest, natural way to increase your erect penis girth.

The Bottom Line

For those who are wanting to see improvements in their erect penis girth or length, increasing your testosterone levels can help improve your erectile function while L-arginine helps ensure that your erect penis is completely filled with blood and enormously erect.

This doesn’t mean, though, that testosterone doesn’t do anything for your erection. You actually need testosterone because it plays so many important roles during the erection process. So, even if it doesn’t really increase your erect penis size, you should still make sure that you have high testosterone levels.

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