Can It Be Dangerous to Have Low Testosterone?

Can It Be Dangerous to Have Low Testosterone?

If you're worried about your relationship, then you can consider having low testosterone as dangerous. It can kill your sex life by causing you to bec

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If you’re worried about your relationship, then you can consider having low testosterone as dangerous. It can kill your sex life by causing you to become impotent. On the one hand, if you’re concerned about your overall health, having low testosterone levels isn’t life-threatening by itself.

Nevertheless, when your testosterone levels are below normal, it can increase your risks of certain diseases which, in turn, can lead to higher mortality risks. Continue reading to learn more about the effects and complications of low testosterone levels.

What Bodily Functions are Regulated by Testosterone?

Testosterone isn’t just for sex. The primary male hormone is actually involved in a variety of important bodily functions. These include fat distribution, muscle mass development, bone density, as well as red blood cell production.

Of course, you also need the hormone for regulating your sex drive. The hormone is also essential for coordinating your sexual arousal with your erection. It’s also important for your fertility since it’s needed for sperm production.

Due to the number of bodily functions that testosterone is involved with, a significant decline in your T levels often results in emotional and physical changes.

How Does Low T Affect Men?


A lot of men are worried that their desire for sex would disappear if their testosterone levels drop. Indeed, since the hormone is responsible for your libido, a decrease in your testosterone levels can result in loss of sex drive.

Erectile Dysfunction

woman disappointed with man's erectile dysfunctionWhen your T levels are extremely low, such as if you have hypogonadism, you may end up developing erectile dysfunction. Even if you’re still able to achieve erections, you may experience fewer spontaneous erections in your sleep.


It actually takes around 2 months for a sperm cell to fully mature. While it is still developing, a sperm cell requires testosterone for its nourishment. Hence, if you don’t produce enough testosterone, your spermatozoa may not fully develop.

In fact, men with extremely low testosterone levels often experience arrested sperm development. This means that their sperm cells don’t fully mature at all. And when you don’t produce enough mature spermatozoa, you’ll have a difficult time impregnating your partner.

Increased body fat

This is one of the physical changes that usually happen to men with low T. Below normal T levels can cause your fat mass to increase, it can even make you overweight or obese. That can be problematic because obesity also contributes to low T. It’s a cycle that can be difficult to break unless you get to successfully normalize your testosterone levels.

What’s even more problematic is that once you’ve become obese, your risks for various diseases multiply exponentially. You may develop cardiovascular disorders, osteoarthritis, depression, diabetes, and even cancer.

Reduced bone density

For elderly men, osteoporosis can be quite dangerous. The disease itself isn’t life-threatening. But it does make you more vulnerable to falls and injuries. Every year, thousands of elderly Americans actually die from falls. In 2016, for instance, death as a result of a fall affected almost 30,000 Americans aged 65 years and older.

Low testosterone levels can cause reduced bone density and lead to osteoporosis. In fact, testosterone deficiency is actually considered the most common cause of osteoporosis in men.

Sleep disturbances

The relationship between sleep disturbances and low testosterone is another example of a vicious cycle. Low testosterone can cause sleep problems like insomnia and sleep apnea. And when you lack sleep, it can cause your testosterone production to decline.

Your testosterone production peaks when you’re in deep sleep. Thus, if you only get a few hours of sleep every day, your testosterone levels will be greatly impacted. In fact, studies have shown that sleeping for only 5 hours or less every day can cause your testosterone production to drastically decline.


Because testosterone is also involved in mood regulation, you may also experience emotional changes when you’re low on T. In fact, depression is actually associated with low testosterone levels. There are also those who suffer from reduced self-confidence, impaired concentration, and memory problems due to low T.

Again, low T by itself isn’t really considered as life-threatening. However, when you develop depression due to low testosterone levels, it may increase your risk of mortality. Untreated depression is associated with a 20% risk of suicide. In 2017, suicide claimed the lives of close to 50,000 Americans.

Managing Low T

man consulting his doctorAs soon as you notice any symptom that may be caused by low testosterone levels, you should visit your healthcare provider as soon as you can. The effects of low T are too many, it would really cause you a lot of health problems if you don’t manage your testosterone levels.

There are many natural testosterone boosters that you can take in order to prevent and treat low T. Tongkat Ali or Long Jack, for example, is widely recognized as an effective booster of testosterone production. Tongkat Ali is, in fact, used in both sex enhancement and athletic performance supplements because of its effectiveness in raising testosterone production.

Aside from directly acting on your testicular cells to stimulate hormonal and sperm production, Tongkat Ali also helps to lower your cortisol levels. This is important for men with low T because elevated cortisol levels tend to result in reduced testosterone synthesis.

Just like Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris is also widely popular as an enhancer for both athletic performance and sexual performance. This is also due to the herb’s potency in increasing testosterone levels.

Horny Goat Weed is another example of an herb-based testosterone booster. Although it’s often used by men with erectile dysfunction, Horny Goat Weed actually has testosterone-boosting properties. On top of that, the herb has also been shown to help improve male fertility.

Male UltraCore is the best for you if you want to enjoy the benefits of Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris, and Horny Goat Weed in just one supplement. Male UltraCore also contains other testosterone-boosting and sexual performance-enhancing ingredients such as fenugreek, zinc, Ashwagandha, and many more.