Can I Take Beta-blockers at Night?

Can I Take Beta-blockers at Night?

We may be used to taking drugs at any time of the day, especially if we are prescribed to take a certain medication once a day. But we should bear i

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We may be used to taking drugs at any time of the day, especially if we are prescribed to take a certain medication once a day. But we should bear in mind that different drugs might be taken at different times. It may come to a point when you question whether or not you are taking your medication efficiently. And the best time when you should take your medication depends upon the kind of drug you are using, for instance, beta-blockers.

Best Time of the Day to Take Beta-blockers

Remember, beta-blockers have various classes such as relatively selective beta-blockers and non-selective blockers. Some of these drugs might be worth taking in the morning; others might be best when taken in the evening. Moreover, taking these drugs at the same time every day is very crucial to make these drugs more efficient.

Why take beta-blockers in the evening?

Blood pressure medications, such as beta-blockers, are generally prescribed to be taken in the evening. But the time when you should take it really depends upon your healthcare provider’s recommendation. Your doctor may specify the time of the day when you should take it, but most doctors recommend these drugs to be taken at night because one of the known effects of beta-blockers is sleepiness.

sleeping on the job

So, yes, beta-blockers can be taken at night! If taken during the day, you might be unproductive to work. Taking beta-blockers may be dangerous if you are driving or operating heavy equipment. The good thing about taking these drugs at night is the fact that you normally don’t have work, so all you have to do is to sleep.

Why take beta-blockers in the morning?

However, there are cases when beta-blockers also cause sleep problems. This is because several studies show that these drugs are responsible for decreasing the melatonin levels in your body. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the body’s “sleep and wake cycle.” People with low melatonin levels are most likely to suffer from insomnia.

Insomnia can make you deprived of sleep, and this can affect your entire well-being. That is the reason why some experts recommend taking beta-blockers in the morning so that the effects of these drugs will be lessened as time goes by. That means that if you take beta-blockers in the morning, you will most likely get a night of better sleep.

Moreover, some beta-blockers contain thiazides. Thiazides are considered as diuretics. And diuretics can make you pee more often because these drugs are responsible for removing extra water and salt from your body. If you take beta-blockers with thiazides at night, your sleep will most likely be disturbed. To avoid this sleep problem, you have to take these beta-blockers in the morning.

So, when do I have to take beta-blockers?

But then, the side effects of a certain medication, such as beta-blockers, might depend upon the response of the body of the individual. Some people who take beta-blockers might experience sleepiness, while others experience insomnia.

How Blood Pressure Medications Work

Beta-blockers are commonly used for hypertension. Millions of people have been taking beta-blockers. Yes, you can take beta-blockers at night, especially that it is generally recommended. But you can also take these drugs during the day, depending upon your doctor’s suggestion.

Remember, your blood pressure may change throughout the day. It is common for your blood pressure to increase in the morning and decrease in the evening. But there are instances when the blood pressure of an individual does not decrease at night, and this is usually called non-dippers.

More Reasons to Take Beta-blockers at Night

Beta-blockers are usually made for ease of use, meaning that these can be taken once a day. Most of the time, beta-blockers are at its highest within 4 to 15 hours after these are taken. That is the reason why it is best for you to count the time when your blood pressure is at its peak to coincide with the drug you are taking.

Beta-blockers, as mentioned above, can cause sleepiness and drowsiness. These drugs are designed to release slowly; that is why beta-blockers remain effective in the morning when your blood pressure is at its peak. But remember that your blood pressure will not decrease as it normally does when you age that is why you are at a higher risk of heart attack and stroke in the morning.

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In this case, taking beta-blockers at night is very useful for people who are non-dippers. This is because the blood pressure of non-dippers does not decrease in the evening. And taking beta-blockers can help in improving blood pressure. These drugs can help in reducing your risk of stroke and heart attack.

Furthermore, taking beta-blockers at night might reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, especially for those people who have hypertension. If you have a normal sleep cycle, it is advisable to maintain a fixed schedule when to take your medication as your blood pressure’s rise and fall is typically consistent. But if you need to wake up in the evening, such as if you have something to do at night, you may adjust your schedule.


Beta-blockers can be taken at any time of the day, but generally, experts recommend taking these drugs in the evening. But depending on the class of beta-blockers or your doctor’s suggestion, you can take these drugs in the morning. Beta-blockers are best when taken in the morning to avoid sleep problems, especially if these drugs act as diuretics. These drugs can also lower your melatonin levels. On the other hand, these can be taken in the evening, especially if beta-blockers cause sleepiness or drowsiness.

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