Can I Drink Coffee Before Testosterone Test?

Can I Drink Coffee Before Testosterone Test?

Production of testosterone decreases with age, but various factors can speed up this process. When that happens, men experience various changes in t

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Production of testosterone decreases with age, but various factors can speed up this process. When that happens, men experience various changes in their body. Symptoms associated with low testosterone affect a man’s quality of life. For that reason, it’s practical to keep testosterone levels under control but to make it happen you need to do a blood test.

You’re well aware of the fact that some tests require fasting, giving up food and drink, for the most accurate results. Is testosterone test one of them? More importantly, can you drink coffee before the test? You’ll find out below.

Caffeine and Testosterone

Let’s be honest; we can’t imagine starting a new day without a nice cup of coffee. You need coffee to wake you up and keep you alert, at least that’s why we drink it. When drinking coffee, we don’t think about the effects it has on our body. Caffeine has been demonized for years as some people tried to portray it as a sort of a menace that destroys your health. The truth is that when consumed in normal amounts coffee exhibits a lot of pleasurable effects, particularly on cognitive function. But, how does it affect testosterone? There aren’t many studies on this topic, but current evidence is very interesting.

A study from Nutrition Journal investigated the effects of coffee intake on sex hormones including testosterone in both men and women. For the purpose of the study participants abstained from the coffee intake for two weeks. After two weeks subjects were divided into different groups where some of them drank caffeinated, others decaffeinated, while the third group had no coffee for eight weeks. Blood tests were taken and compared to the baseline, but levels of testosterone didn’t change significantly during the course of the study. These effects (or lack of them) were observed in men and women too.

testosterone and caffeine

A different study investigated the acute effects of caffeine on an exercise-associated boost in testosterone and cortisol. During exercise testosterone concentration increased by 15%, but caffeine raised levels of this hormone by an additional 21% at the highest dose. The study, published in International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, confirmed that caffeine has some potential to benefit training outcomes through anabolic effects in testosterone levels. That being said, these effects are dose-dependent, i.e. the more coffee you drink, the higher the increase in testosterone after exercise. Drinking excessive amounts of coffee isn’t actually the healthiest option.

Can I drink coffee before testosterone test?

A testosterone test is carried out to diagnose low or high testosterone, but also disorders that are associated with testosterone levels in the body. A common question that people have in mind is whether they can drink or eat anything before testing. At this point, no recommendations exist about testosterone measurement in relation to food intake and fasting. You’re well aware of the fact that some blood tests require fasting, i.e. a person shouldn’t eat or drink anything before the test.

In order to obtain the most accurate results of your testosterone levels, men who display signs of low testosterone and who experience borderline non-fasting low serum testosterone concentration should have their blood test taken in a fasting state. Basically, it’s practical to fast or avoid drinking and eating before getting your testosterone blood test. That also means you shouldn’t drink coffee. Although caffeine doesn’t have a major impact on testosterone, as seen above, if you experience symptoms of low-T it’s useful to avoid drinking coffee before you’re done with the test.

Patients are usually scheduled to get their blood test taken in the early morning. In these situations, a person should stop eating at midnight and have only a few sips of water in the morning. If you’re taking medications, consult your doctor first, but in most cases, you can continue taking them as needed. It’s also advised to ask healthcare provider if you’re wondering about whether it’s okay to drink coffee before the test or not.

What happens during the test?

testosterone test

A testosterone blood test is simple, just like any other blood test although we usually don’t think about it that way. The process is straightforward and starts by cleaning the area where the blood will be drawn. Blood is usually drawn from a vein on the inside of the elbow or back of your hand. Then, the nurse ties an elastic band around the upper arm to ensure blood fills the vein and inserts a sterile needle to draw blood into a tube. After that, the band is removed, and the healthcare provider places the bandage.

Most people wonder whether it hurts or not. If you’re scared of a needless bear in mind, the test is done fast, and it’s not invasive. Most people feel a little bit of pain which they can easily ignore. In order to make the process more convenient, the best thing to do is to relax your arm.


Some blood tests require fasting while others do not. When it comes to a testosterone blood test, there’s still no specific protocol when it comes to eating and drinking before getting blood drawn. Although coffee doesn’t have a major impact on your testosterone, studies show, you should still try to avoid drinking it before the test. If you exhibit symptoms of low-T, then it’s usually recommended to fast before the test. Of course, if you have some concerns about the subject feel free to consult your doctor.

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