What Does Testosterone Do for Men?

As the primary male sex hormone, testosterone plays several important functions. Mainly produced in the testes, it is key to a man’s sexual and reproductive growth and development. From birth through puberty, it helps in the formation and appearance of various male sex characteristics and features, and during adulthood, it continues to take on big […]

Do Male Enhancement Products Really Work?

Doctors typically don’t recommend that you take a sex enhancement supplement to treat erectile dysfunction. In part, that’s because there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of products that claim to be effective in boosting sexual function but are actually untested, of low quality, and even tainted. This doesn’t mean, however, that all male enhancement products […]

ACE Inhibitors Vs Beta Blockers

Did you know that hypertension can make you impotent? Unfortunately, certain medications that help control your blood pressure can also contribute to erectile dysfunction, which further confounds the problem. ACE or angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and beta blockers are just two examples of medications that doctors often prescribe to help treat high blood pressure. Find out […]

How Can a Woman Increase Her Testosterone Level?

Both men and women naturally produce testosterone in their bodies. However, women produce it in much lesser amounts than men. Throughout a woman’s life, her testosterone levels can drastically change at various points, including during her menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Even in a span of a day, she may experience different testosterone levels too. Functions […]

Do Male Enhancement Pills Really Work?

Some people think that male enhancement pills don’t really do anything good for you. That’s probably because they haven’t yet tried taking a genuinely effective sex enhancement supplement. Many products claim that they’re good for your erection. Sadly, there are only a few that are truly effective in boosting men’s erectile function and libido. The […]

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