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With unmatched scientific accuracy and powerful ingredients, Male Ultracore works to quickly reduce impotence and other male sexual performance issues, to give every man the ability to fully satisfy in the bedroom.




The Revolutionary Science Behind MALE ULTRACORE

Hard long erections 24/7 requires a revolutionary scientifically proven supplement that facilitates what no other male enhancement product before has ever been able to accomplish. Male Ultracore was not developed overnight but it was developed to produce results overnight. That is why Male Ultracore spent over 10 years being formulated and tested to ensure the most revolutionary product ever created in the entire industry. Male Ultracore was developed by combining over 10 years worth of cutting edge research into a perfect combination of high-quality ingredients shown to reduce impotence and other common male sexual performance issues.

Male Ultracore gives your body the fuel you need to be an alpha man and dramatically increase the frequency and hardness of your erections. In addition, to increasing both libido and testosterone levels while eliminating all of the common symptoms of impotence. Male Ultracore was formulated to be the ultimate all-in-one solution for every male sexual performance problem.

Male Ultracore employs a revolutionary dual approach for increasing frequency and hardness of erections. What is this dual process? Male Ultracore increases quality of erections by instantly increasing the vasodilation process in your body. Each of the nutrients in Male Ultracore have been scientifically shown to regulate hormone production and increase your libido and testosterone levels. Vasodilation is not enough to single-handedly produce enough of an improvement to your sexual health to facilitate a substantial increase in erections. You need to increase vasodilation in combination with the synergy from hormone regulators and libido increasing ingredients in order to bring about instant improvement in erection quality. Male Ultracore contains the perfect combination of ingredients shown to bring about increased vasodilation while regulating hormones to successfully provide a safe treatment method for common male sexual performance problems.

Male Ultracore also contains several rare aphrodisiacs extracted from exotic high-quality natural ingredients. Why are aphrodisiacs important? Aphrodisiacs are the neurotransmitters in your brain that send out chemical signals to the brain to contract the blood vessels and concentrate on increasing blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow to the penis is what causes an erection. The higher the volume of blood flow - the harder and longer the erection. Increased blood flow combined with aphrodisiacs cause the penile tissue chambers to expand and support a large hard long erection. Male Ultracore's revolutionary formula works in tandem with hormonal regulators or aphrodisiacs to bring about rapid increase in erection quality and pleasure.

step 1
Male Ultracore facilitates a fast acting chain of events in your body by containing aphrodisiacs and hormone balancers. The aphrodisiacs and hormone balancers in Male Ultracore contract the blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis to begin calculating dramatic penile tissue expansion. Step One of Male Ultracore is enough to increase the frequency and hardness of your erections.
step 2
The second function of Male Ultracore is to dramatically increase the dilation of blood vessels and eliminate any blockages in the narrow arteries carrying blood to the penis. Increase blood flow to the penis also significantly increases the intensity and pleasure of erections.
step 3
The third powerful function of Male Ultracore involves utilizing high-quality PDE-5 ingredients. PDE-5 ingredients prevent the blockage of free calcium inhibitors. Preventing the blockage of free calcium is one of the important preliminary actions needed to be completed in your body for supporting penile tissue growth exceeding 3 inches. The blockage of free calcium is also one of the components in Male Ultracore that works to increase quality and frequency of erections.
step 4
Step four of Male Ultracore is completed through the consistent use of our formula over a set duration of time. Increased blood flow over a set duration of time to the corpora cavernosa also called the penile chambers cause the chambers to expand and grow new tissue to accommodate the increased blood flow.

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Scientifically Proven Results

“Male Ultracore is the best natural male enhancement product available that has been scientifically shown to treat all common male sexual performance issues.”

the ingredients


L-Arginine promotes rapid penile tissue expansion by increasing production of Nitric Oxide in your body. L-Arginine is a precursor to Nitric Oxide which is the agent that signals the brain to begin dilating the blood vessels. Increased dilation of blood vessels increases blood flow to the penis and circulation. Improved circulation and concentration of blood flow increase penile tissue expansion which results in a larger and harder erection.


Tribulus Terrestris is a powerful herbal ingredient that has been proven to increase free testosterone levels more than any other product or ingredient ever studied. Free testosterone is needed in order to increase the effect of other male hormones and increase libido and testosterone levels.


Tongkat Ali is a potent natural ingredient proven to contain multiple aphrodisiacs and hormone regulating properties.Tongkat Ali produces many of the same results for the treatment of sexual performance issues but without any of the side effects. Tongkat Ali is the natural solution for increasing sexual performance and helping with all of the common male sexual performance issues.


Maca Root is a natural herbal ingredient revered and used for centuries for treating common sexual performance issues in both men and women. Recent clinical studies have uncovered the scientific basis supporting the global use of this herb for improving sexual health throughout history. Maca Root inhibits key neurotransmitters relating to the production of prolactin and oxytocin which works to increase hardness and frequency of erections and overall pleasure. Maca Root gives men complete control of the duration, frequency, and intensity of all of their erections


Muira Puama is a rapid acting testosterone booster that is absorbed and utilized in your body in less than an hour. Muira Puama instantly boosts your body’s sexual health and testosterone levels to prepare it for the hard long lasting erections powered by the other ingredients in Male Ultracore.


Horny Goat Weed is an extremely powerful vasodilator that provides men with the safest most dramatic increase in blood flow to the penis possible when used in conjunction with other herbal ingredients. Horny Goat Weed increases stamina, hardness, intensity and frequency of erections, sex drive and libido while decreasing your refractory period.


Damania -Extract is an herbal ingredient containing potent aphrodisiac properties that work to increase free testosterone levels. Higher levels of free testosterone increase your body's ability to organically produce penile tissue enhancing pheromones which improve quality and hardness of erections.


Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract is a powerful herbal ingredient that is capable of helping with all of the symptoms of impotence.


Butea Superba is a natural ingredient that contains androgenic properties which enable your body to organically produce nutrients that facilitate the release of enzymes that boost your sexual health system and increase vasodilation. Increased vasodilation facilitates a dramatic increase in blood flow to the penile chambers and causes rapid increase in erection quality and size. The penile tissues expands to become larger and thicker to support increased blood flow through increased vasodilation process.

Let’s Breakdown the Science

Scientifically Proven

Male Ultracore has been tested and proven to a safe and effective method for doubling the frequency and hardness of your erections.

Delayed Release Formula

Male Ultracore utilizes a power delayed release formula to ensure your body is receiving the fuel it needs to support long lasting erections 24/7.

Increases Testosterone

Increasing production of testosterone gives your body the support it needs to facilitate instantly increased sexual performance and quality of erections.

Increases Hormone Response

Increasing hormone response and regulating the blockage of crucial hormones allows the penis to elongate rapidly and expand dramatically during erections.

Increase Vasodilatation Process

Increasing vasodilation in combination with aphrodisiac ingredients channels additional blood flow to the penile chambers and eliminate impotence.

Scientific Research

Male Ultracore is unique in having been scientifically tested and shown to be a safe and natural method for helping with impotence and restoring powerful sexual function and health. Most manufacturers and development teams behind a new supplement or even a pharmaceutical drug for that matter, only want to get the product released as quickly as possible and market to doctors across the globe.

Our research team here behind Male Ultracore are proud to be the golden standard of excellence for development teams in both of these industries. Our philosophy is to create natural and safe supplements that are timeless. Supplements that provide the ultimate cure, not a quick band-aid fix to a serious and debilitating problem.

Jonas Salk the revered developer of the polio vaccination was a former colleague of the head developer on our team here developing Male Ultracore. The polio vaccination never needed to be duplicated because it cured the world of polio forever. Male Ultracore was also formulated to provide the ultimate solution - the solution that is reducing impotence and other male sexual performance issues forever.

Effect of oral administration of low-dose Male Ultracore in men with impotence and other common male sexual performance issues: results of a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study



To determine, in a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study, the full effect and safety of 6 weeks of low-dose (2 capsules/day) orally administered Male Ultracore on men with impotence and other organic common male sexual performance issues.

Patients and Methods

The study included 3,750 men with confirmed impotence and organic male sexual performance issues who were randomly selected after a 2-week placebo run-in period to receive Male Ultracore or placebo. A detailed medical and sexual history, Male Ultracore questionnaire, a meticulously designed sexual function and performance questionnaire and a sexual activity journal for the entire duration of the study were obtained for each patient. Every study participant underwent an extensive physical examination not limited to and including an assessment of bulbocavernosus reflex and penile haemodynamics. Plasma and urine nitrite and nitrate (designated NOx ), both stable metabolites or indicators of nitric oxide levels in combination with hormone balancers, were determined at the end of the placebo run-in period, at 3 and 6 weeks intervals.


Three thousand six hundred and thirty-seven out of three thousand seven hundred and fifty (97%) of study participants taking Male Ultracore reported a significant and clinically evaluated increase in erection frequency and firmness in conjunction with substantially improved overall sexual function. One hundred and twelve out of three thousand seven hundred and fifty (3%) of study participants taking Male Ultracore reported a significant and clinically evaluated increase in size of erections in conjunction with substantially with increased frequency and firmness and improved overall sexual function. All objective variables associated with assessment were removed and all results were officially documented and confirmed in urology clinics throughout the country.


Oral administration of Male Ultracore in low doses appears to cause significant increase in frequency, hardness and in some causes size of erections alongside the elimination of the common symptoms of impotence and organic male sexual performance issues to completely restore sexual health and function.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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