Sex Toys That You Can Enjoy Together to Spice Up the Bedroom

So you think the old missionary position is boring and sex has already become routine. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your bedroom game, why not try using sex toys? Sexual playthings are perfect for increasing your pleasure. Plus, they also make sex more intense and exciting. It’s not true that men who […]

Best Ways to Time Your Orgasms with Your Partner

Most couples would agree that sex is most enjoyable when you climax together. Although this is something that makes sex so fulfilling, unfortunately, not all couples are able to achieve this each time they have sex. Being able to achieve a shared orgasm is a worthy relationship goal, as long as you both know that […]

How Often Should You Be Having Sex During Your Pregnancy?

For couples, it’s only natural to want to have sex frequently when you are trying to get pregnant. But what if you are already in the family way? A lot of couples are still apprehensive about sex during pregnancy. The good news is that it is generally safe. There’s really no fixed answer when it […]

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